What is an
éco-responsable ?

The “Green wedding” is not synonymous with an austere marriage, quite the contrary !! This new trend which comes directly from California, offers to create environmentally friendly weddings. A multitude of themes present themselves, such as the beach, the forest, Garden-Party or Chic & Nature, and so many more!

Mariage éco-responsable Twist n'Chic Events

How to find a location for an eco-friendly reception?

Il est important de choisir avec soin le lieu de votre mariage éco-responsable, que ce soit pour la cérémonie comme pour la réception. Plus ce lieux sera magnifique, moins vous aurez besoin d’ajouter des décorations car le cadre se suffira à lui-même.

You could for instance choose a reception room close to the town hall or church in order to minimize motorized travel. Some locations have a “Green Key” label that rewards eco-friendly establishments.

What about the caterer?

Without falling into the absolute Bio, you can favor local providers in order to curtail car travels, in addition to which it is excellent as it boosts local entrepreneurship; we turn to a local caterer who will offer local and seasonal products.

Mariage éco-responsable Twist n'Chic Events
Mariage éco-responsable Twist n'Chic Events

How do we deal with decoration?

First and foremost we put a stop to waste! We opt for biodegradable tableware, such as bamboo or reusable materials: the current trend for antique dishes is perfect albeit in our attics! The decoration can be made using recycled materials (barrels, pallets, glass bottles, natural materials found in the forest or on the beach…).

We forget the paper tablecloths and napkins and bring out the pretty linen tablecloths that are far more romantic and elegant!

It is difficult to talk about wedding without imagining a pretty floral decoration. We use fresh flowers, local and seasonal! We try to use the same composition several times: moving the bouquets used during the religious or secular ceremony to adorn a buffet for the wine of honor for instance. Small leaves can also be used as place markers or confetti.

As far as lighting is concerned, you can use as many LEDs instead of candles, as they will make for a more romantic atmosphere… and in the event where your wedding should take place in Summer, it is even better for energy saving.

Décoration mariage éco-responsable Twist n'Chic Events
décoration mariage éco responsable Twist n'Chic events
Nude cake Twist n'Chic Events

Can one send ecological announcements?

 Ideally, your messages could be sent electronically (by e-mail). Should you find this lacks charm, some of today’s printers offer very pretty compositions made of recycled paper.

Idée de cadeau invités mariage eco-responsable Twist n'Chic Events

What about gifts for the guests?

Pour les convives,  oubliez les dragées et tournez vous vers des petits pots de mini plantes, ou des graines à planter ! La signification n’en sera que plus subtile : planter et cultiver votre amour, le voir grandir ….

Vous l’avez compris, il est tout à fait possible d’organiser son mariage éco-responsable sans avoir le sentiment de se restreindre, il existe tant de solutions !

Twist n’Chic Events, an eco-friendly event planner and all its team are committed to sustainable development, out of personal conviction, both in regard to the operation of the agency and in its way of organizing events.
• We use public transport as often as possible.
• We practice carpooling during our site visits with customers.
• We favor the sending of all our commercial documents by e-mail (estimates, contracts, invoices…).
• We favor communications by e-mail or telephone, and avoid using regular Mail.
So, think about it, do not hesitate to call on Twist n’Chic and we will see together how to put a touch of green in your wedding !



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